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  2. car parks were created by the devil 

  3. i am overdue a dragging 

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  5. i came home sick from school i take too many days off slay me

  6. ho my god they’re choosing started from the bottom by drake for our graduation song

    go tf awf

  7. maryjblige:



    tf its september

    lol mate… ppl should like, wake me up when it ends, mate. mate what if i told you, to wake me up when it ends mate. hey, mate. when it ends, wake me up.

    Shu I’m honestly so sorry this happened

  8. let him live

    I be cherry deeky
    When it swell up
    Get that best dick

    I be very cheeky
    Bitch I’m better
    Bet you wet bitch

    I be freaky halo
    Get that Heaven Head
    Now bless this!
    I could get that

    I know you know well
    I’m with that
    Get Rich

    I’m in every city
    They say Hello…
    To the Head Bitch

    Find me in the borough
    If you thorough
    If that bread flip

    I be looking very
    Heavy metal and reflective
    I could get that

  9. associate me with these gifs


  10. maryjblige:


    there’s this one friend that loves to talk shit about me who i’m pretty sure is involved 

    but that’s for another day


  11. joan rivers wakes up, says ‘glad it’s not me getting dragged for now’, goes back into coma

  12. melongorl:

    I don’t care if y’all are friends with him but like I have zero sympathy for that rhyse person or the fact that his old stuff gets brought up. it’s not like he said nigga in a post once, he literally said Native Americans were lazy alcoholics like??? Idc if he said it 3 years ago or yesterday. I don’t like him and you can’t expect everyone to forgive him and get over it just because you did

  13. the dragging of ‘coolator’, known also by the names rhyse, pizzaforpresident and cartman, reported to have given life to millions around the globe


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